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This year's conference has been organised and hosted by a group of volunteers from the CDT Prosthetic and Orthotic doctoral training college. It is the first event to be hosted by the students of the CDT Prosthetic and Orthotic doctoral training college, and as such a great deal of effort has gone into understanding and executing the conference. Therefore, we would like to thank those that have dedicated their time into making it all happen.


We hope that you find the event enjoyable and look forward to seeing you at future events.

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Meet The Team


Jennifer Andrews

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Conference Manager


Hope Shaw

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Technical Lead


Devi Baruni Devanand

    Branding and Marketing Lead


    Kirsty Carlyle

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    Social Media Manager

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    Sean Donald

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    Outreach and Engagement Lead


    Balint Hodossy

      Spatial Chat Co-ordinator and Website Developer


      Rhona Campbell

        Orthotics Consultant