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500 miles is a very small Scottish registered charity which supports the development and delivery of prosthetic and orthotic services, principally in Malawi but also in Zambia.

Our focus is sustainability - enabling the countries in which we work to manage and deliver their own prosthetic and orthotic services – services which are and will continue to be available for everyone, and not just those who can afford to pay, on an ongoing, affordable and sustainable basis. It is very important to us that our devices are made in-country, using a low-cost system that the county can afford for everyone and locally available materials as far as possible, and only importing what can’t be bought locally.
In Malawi, we have done this by creating and incubating two fit for purpose in-country prosthetic and orthotic centres, one in Mzuzu and one in Lilongwe, by training an in-country workforce to international standards, by designing bespoke quality management systems to secure and sustain the quality of the product and
service at our centres and by working with in-country institutions which will be able to take over the services. And in July 2021 we successfully handed over our centre in Mzuzu to the Malawi national health service.
But we also fund and subsidise the supply of prosthetic and orthotic devices for the very poor who would not otherwise get what they need to be able to stand up and walk so that they can go to school, find a job, and participate in their communities.


Equip, Enable, Empower

Exceed Worldwide, with partners, has established Schools of Prosthetics and Orthotics (P&O) in five countries in Southeast and South Asia – Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar. With the exception of the Philippines, our Schools train Prosthetist Orthotists to International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) Category 2 standards. The Philippines School trains students to ISPO Category 1 standard.

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